Release Notes


To upgrade Sdklib to the latest version, use pip:

pip install -U sdklib

Sdklib 1.12.x series

Sdklib 1.12.0

  • Support Python 3.10.

Sdklib 1.11.x series

Sdklib 1.11.2

  • Fix ssl_verify behaviour for old versions of urllib3.

Sdklib 1.11.1

  • Fix 11paths authorization using body in python3.

Sdklib 1.11.0

  • Allow ssl_verify config param.

Sdklib 1.10.x series

Sdklib 1.10.5

Sdklib 1.10.3

  • New experimental feature: support socks proxy protocol.

Sdklib 1.10.2

  • Fix bug.

Sdklib 1.10.1

  • Improve getting text from lxml elements.

Sdklib 1.10.0

  • Fix bug setting cookies after receiving several “Set-Cookie” headers.
  • Update urllib3 version.
  • Remove experimental support to proxy socks protocol.

Sdklib 1.9.x series

Sdklib 1.9.6

  • Support proxy socks protocol.

Sdklib 1.9.5

  • Fix installation.

Sdklib 1.9.4

  • Move ignore warnings function to shortcuts.

Sdklib 1.9.3

  • Allow to ignore warnings.
  • Fix bug in getparent htmlElem method.

Sdklib 1.9.2

  • Fix bug in HAR requests (urlencoded params were encoded twice).
  • Add ‘timeout’ attribute to http_request_context.

Sdklib 1.9.1

  • Add getparent method to LxmlElem class.

Sdklib 1.9.0

  • Put ‘incognito_mode’ as class attribute.
  • Add cache decorator for python 3+.

Sdklib 1.8.x series

Sdklib 1.8.11

  • Fix 11paths authorization bug in ‘POST’/’PUT’ json requests without body.
  • Headers as case insensitive dictionary.

Sdklib 1.8.10

  • Fix 11paths authorization bug in requests with query params.

Sdklib 1.8.9

  • Fix 11paths authorization bug in some ‘POST’, ‘PUT’ requests.

Sdklib 1.8.8

  • Create HTMLElem including AbstractBaseHTML functionality.
  • Add HAR objects.
  • Add cookie property to HttpRequestContext.
  • Do not add X_11PATHS_BODY_HASH header when body is empty.
  • Refactor HttpResponse.
  • Add find_by_name method to html objects.

Sdklib 1.8.7

  • Update cookies rather than replace them.
  • Fix “The HTTP reason phrase should not be” behave step.
  • Add “The HTTP reason phrase should contain” behave step.
  • Add BaseHttpResponse class.
  • Fix some bugs (#50).

Sdklib 1.8.6

  • Fix 11paths authorization bug.
  • Add insensitive (sort) parameter to to_key_val_list function.


  • Fix behave steps bug.


  • Fix Api11PathsResponse bug.


  • Fix Api11PathsResponse bug.

Sdklib 1.8.5

  • Create AbstractHttpResponse class.
  • Remove some properties from Api11PathsResponse.

Sdklib 1.8.4

  • Make get Api11PathsResponse data, error, code and message case insensitive.
  • Add CaseInsensitiveDict class.
  • Fix some bugs.

Sdklib 1.8.3

  • Add behave steps.
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Separate requirements_dev.txt into different files.

Sdklib 1.8.2

  • Add Api11PathsResponse.

Sdklib 1.8.1

  • Add guess_file_name_stream_type_header() method.
  • Fix 11paths auth bug.

Sdklib 1.8

  • Add test coverage reports.
  • Add some tests.
  • Remove rrserver.
  • Remove behave api steps.
  • Remove unused modules.
  • Fix some bugs.

Sdklib 1.7.x series

Sdklib 1.7.2

  • Fix some bugs.

Sdklib 1.7.1

  • Fix some bugs.

Sdklib 1.7

  • Return more parameters into urlsplit function.
  • Add generate_url() function.
  • Add lxml as optional requirement.
  • Support xpath functions such as contains() using lxml.

Sdklib 1.6.x series

Sdklib 1.6.6

  • Allow to redirect http requests.

Sdklib 1.6.5

  • Use an internal logger instance to print request and response logs.
  • Add clear method to http request context.
  • Add fields_to_clear attribute to http request context.

Sdklib 1.6

  • Custom content-type header has priority over renderer content-type.
  • Get update_content_type parameter from context.
  • Add BaseRenderer.
  • Add CustomRenderer.

Sdklib 1.5.x series

Sdklib 1.5.2

  • Add manifest.

Sdklib 1.5.1

  • Fix requirements.

Sdklib 1.5

  • Add HTML parsed response.

Sdklib 1.4.x series

Sdklib 1.4.2

  • Fix bug: 11paths authorization header is not correct using multiples form params.

Sdklib 1.4.1

  • Fix bug: ensure url path params is never None.

Sdklib 1.4

  • Add XMLRenderer interface.
  • Add json property to response.
  • Add logger.
  • Allow to replace content-type header value.

Sdklib 1.3.x series

  • Add timeout decorator.
  • Add generate_url_path function.
  • Add new url parameters.
  • Add get, post, put, patch and delete methods.
  • Add XML response parser.
  • Generate docs with sphinx.

Sdklib 1.2.x series

  • Add incognito mode.

Sdklib 1.1.x series

  • By default, no Content-type header in requests without body or files.
  • Add file attribute to sdk response.
  • Allow multipart body with custom content-type in data forms.
  • Allow to add custom response_class.

Sdklib 1.0.x series

Sdklib 1.0

  • Use urllib3.

Sdklib 0.x series


  • Bug fixing.

Sdklib 0.5.2

  • Bug fixing.
  • Allow passing files and form_parameters as tuples when request is encoded multipart

Sdklib 0.5.1

  • Bug fixing.

Sdklib 0.5

  • Add new parse as tuple list function.
  • Add files parameter to http method.
  • Infer content type header in all requests.

Sdklib 0.4.1

  • Add parameters to strf timetizer functions.

Sdklib 0.4

  • Add file functions.
  • Add parse as tuple list function.

Sdklib 0.3

  • Initial version.